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UpTop Treats

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Bars - 1.6 oz

FREEZE DRIED MINI ICE CREAM SANDWICH BARS: Vanilla ice cream squeezed between chocolate wafers, then freeze dried for an out-of-this-world experience.

SUMMER ALL YEAR LONG: What once was your favorite frozen snack is now just as tasty all summer long! No more melting ice cream with this treat, but you can still lick your fingers.

HOW IT WORKS: The freeze drying process is a special temperature dehydration that removes nearly all moisture in the candy resulting in a light and tasty crunchy treat suitable for backpacking, camping, or for those who want a unique take on a classic candy!

ABOUT US: We actively seek out USA-based manufacturing and packing partners to source and pack high-quality treats to include candies, trail mix, freeze dried candy, edible glitter, and sprinkles.

WHY UPTOP TREATS? UpTop Treats is a family, women, and veteran-owned business based in Monument, Colorado.

DELICIOUS CONSERVATION: As avid lovers of the outdoors, nature, and its wildlife, conservation is near and dear to our hearts. A portion of every sale goes directly to Colorado Parks and Wildlife in support of Princeton and his furry and feathered friends.